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European Journal of ePractice n° 19

EU-US Cooperation on eHealth issues

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly globalised. As people travel more and more widely, as businesses become more international, as trade barriers are repealed, cooperation between countries and stakeholders becomes ever more important.

The importance of cooperation is also recognised in the eHealth domain. In both the European Union (EU) and the United States (US), eHealth (or “health IT”, as it is called in the US) is developing rapidly, fuelled by new technologies and innovation. In their Memorandum of Understanding of 2010 and in the roadmap agreed in March 2013, the EU and US emphasise the need to “enhance inter-governmental cooperation and [...] collaboration between governments and the private sector”.

The aim of the cooperation between the EU and US is to develop, deploy and employ innovation and technology in eHealth to empower individuals, support care, improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient safety and improve the health of citizens. This will be achieved by promoting and supporting a community of public- and private-sector entities, including suppliers of eHealth solutions, to work towards these goals.

Author(s): Diane Whitehouse